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Memorial Day Monday 2014: Are banks, post office, liquor stores open or closed?

Memorial Day Monday 2014: Are banks, post office, liquor stores, stock market open or closed nationwide?
Memorial Day Monday 2014: Are banks, post office, liquor stores, stock market open or closed nationwide?
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Memorial Day 2014 is Monday May 26 and it is a federal holiday, which means that most banks and many businesses are closed nationwide. To honor Memorial Day most federal, state and municipal government offices are closed, along with schools, according to the Miami Herald on May 22.

This is the official start to the summer season for many, making this a weekend of cookouts, backyard parties and trips to the various beaches and lakes. On Monday the Metro North is running on their Sunday schedule for the Memorial Day holiday.

The MTA has suspended construction projects for the entire long weekend. Starting at 1 p.m. on Friday and it will go until after the morning rush hour is done on Tuesday. This will help with the congestion on the highways this long weekend.

According to West Michigan News Edu on May 22, while many businesses are closed, some stores, like grocery stores will remain open. The majority of the larger retail stores and restaurants nationwide will also open on Monday, Memorial Day.

Here is a list of closings on Memorial Day 2014 Monday, May 26:

U.S. Post Office: The post office is closed nationwide and there is no mail delivery on Monday May 26.

Banks: Most banks are closed, but they are not obligated to follow the federal holiday schedule that the federal government follows, so they can open at their own discretion. Some of the banks inside the grocery stores may be open Monday, so call ahead to be sure.

Schools: Most schools nationwide are closed, including colleges and universities.

Stock Markets: The stock markets are closed for Memorial Day Monday. Wall Street gets the long weekend too!

Libraries: Most libraries are closed on Monday.

Garbage pickup: Most municipals are following their holiday schedule for the week with no garbage pickup on Monday. Check with your local city or town.

Mass transit: Most buses and trains nationwide are operating on a holiday schedule. The Metro North is following Sunday’s schedule for Monday May 26. Some states' mass transit agencies are following a holiday schedule hours and others are using Sunday hours for their Memorial Day Monday schedule. Check with your local mass transit before heading out.

Liquor stores: While Connecticut liquor stores are allowed to open on Memorial Day, some may choose to stay closed or open for reduced hours, so it is best to check ahead. Liquor store openings and closings vary from state to state on Memorial Day, but many of the liquor stores are closed on Memorial Day, depending on what state you live in.

Mass. is a state that closes its liquor stores on Memorial Day, so is Utah. Other states offer reduced hours for their liquor stores on Monday. Because Monday is a big day for picnics and parties, check locally to see if the liquor stores are open in your area before Monday comes along! Here is a list of all the states liquor commissioners with the state holiday closings of liquor stores for he individual states nationwide.

Memorial Day 2014 closing vary from state to state and even city to city in some cases. Before heading out anywhere nationwide on Monday May 26, call ahead to make sure where you are headed is open for business.

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