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Memorial Day legacy to succeed

Memorial Day
Memorial Day

Today my family and I went up a few miles short of a c-note from Albuquerque in search of the Memorial Cemetery on Saint Francis Drive. My husband’s grandfather is, as are hundreds of other soldiers, buried there honorably; and upon this particular day each year the New Mexico National Guard renders its crisp precision of fluidity that is the 21 gun salute. The endnote: F-16s thundering overhead--the sheer magnitude literally rocks onlookers from within, and adrenaline-amped, we once again recall the authentic experience that is being fully alive.

Quite the irony, this feeling in that place, and precisely the point. Time waits for no man and owes no promises kept. Your gift this Memorial Day, thanks to the selfless, brave, and often unrecognized veterans (I am, of course, using the term veteran in its etymological sense: that is, one who has soldiered at length for his/her country, and is not affixed to any particular epoch) is that you live, and live free. Ponder this for a moment: simple statement, HUGE implications. That said, what do you intend to do with this phenomenal gift? Despite age, race, creed, orientation, level of education, religion, income and scores of other variables by which we are both shaped and judged, we are human, with the innate desire to realize personal dreams of utility, creativity, commonality, inspiration. Nary ever a simple nor clear design, yet there is always a path to attain your desires. Many in fact. Always.

So upon this particular holiday, might you consider while fanning back upon cherished memories to project forward as well? Memorial Day becomes far more rich and impressive, more genuine when we remember to include ourselves, our spouses and children in the complex legacy won hard by our ancestors’ enduring honor.

Think of all that the next time you’re about to give up on your dream.

Then get up,

and fight for your Legacy.

Fight like Hell.


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