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Memorial Day honors the warriors who are working to keep America free

On Monday, May 26th, America celebrates Memorial Day which honors the many brave men and women that fought and died trying to protect our nation’s freedom and the freedoms of our allies when those freedoms were threatened by various imperialistic leaders and governments.

There have been many kinds of threats to our precious freedoms since our nation was founded. Each time a new threat arose, brave men and women rose up to fight that threat in many ways. The first of those ways was to join our nation’s military forces to fight off foreign military threats. The second way that some people choose to fight off those threats is to join various kinds of political action groups which study the threat and inform people about the best way to use political force to overcome the threat.

There are some Christian warriors who are worried about the threat to our precious religious liberties that come from the Devil’s spiritual forces of darkness which are working hard to destroy this nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage and the religious liberties that our founding fathers gave us when they wrote The Declaration of Independence and our nation’s Constitution.

There also have been many people and organizations working hard to get rid of God’s principles of living and leadership found in the Bible that have been part of the governing principles of many levels of government, possibly so they can replace our form of government with a godless, tyrannical form of government that could merge into a possible ‘new world order.’

As brave Christian warriors have seen these threats to our religious freedoms increasing in recent years, they have been praying about them and then they have been using the insight and resources that God has given them in the legal, political, Christian ministry, and spiritual warfare arenas to fight and try to overcome those various threats to our religious liberties.

While there are many battles going on now and many more battles will happen in the future to overcome the threats to the many freedoms that our founding fathers gave us; our hope for the future is that there will be enough warriors with the physical, legal, political, and spiritual warfare abilities to overcome the increasing number of threats that want to take away our precious freedoms and extinguish the light of liberty forever.

It is those many kinds of warriors that are working to keep America free who should also be honored on each Memorial Day.

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