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Memorial Day: get to know a veteran

Unknown soldier
Unknown soldier

Cincinnati is celebrating Memorial Day in a great big way with special events and observations honoring our veterans.

Taste of Cincinnati, a real crowd-pleaser, is taking place today and Sunday from noon to midnight, and Monday from noon to 9:00 p.m. Food vendors representing over 40 fine restaurants will line Fifth Street for five blocks of tasting sensations. Parades will wind their way through many areas of the city. Fireworks displays and thousands of family picnics will round out the festivities.

Amid the fun and entertainment, if you’re fortunate to know a veteran, or privileged to meet one, be sure to shake his or her hand as you look this hero right in the eye and say “thank you.“ The exchange may surprise you by giving you goose bumps. Besides, you’ve opened a window of opportunity to ask a question, or maybe a few, about the soldier’s experience. Be prepared for a brief but fascinating lesson in history and listen with awe and respect.

World War II veterans are most notably a dying breed, and vets of other wars won’t be around forever. Don’t let our veterans remain unknown while they’re still alive. Now is the time to treasure them for their selfless service in ensuring our freedom to enjoy the abundance unique to the U. S. of A.