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Memorial Day, a day of remembrance

In Charleston, South Carolina a large group of freed slaves gathered at a mass grave site of Union soldiers. The site was a prisoner of war site of the Confederate army, and also a horse race track. The reason for the gathering is to remember those who gave their lives to free them from slavery, and to give thanks for their sacrifice. The date was May 1st, 1865, a few weeks after the Civil War. A group of reporters, teachers, and missionaries also joined what is being considered the first Memorial Day and Memorial Day service.

Several services have been held since then, but sadly, today, it doesn't mean the same. We have replaced solemn get togethers with barbecues, trips, parties, shopping, everything but remembering and giving thanks. Even today with our soldiers dying on foreign soil, we choose to party. We have, for all intents and purposes, become a very lax unpatriotic society, which includes congress, the vice president, president and the court system. We have become a nation of partyers rather than a nation of faith and believers in God. This same attitude carries on through every one of our holidays. Truly pathetic.

What do we have to do to start respecting our veterans, our war dead, and to bring honor to them? What must we do to sacrifice our time of feeling good, but to gather and remember our heroes? As a nation we need to get back to our spiritual roots, putting God first in everything we do, we need to pray, we need to put God back as the spiritual leader of our nation. I don't mean Buddha, or Krishna, or even Allah, but God. We are a Christian nation, and our heroes died to keep it that way. We are a Free nation, and our heroes died to keep it that way. What are we doing to keep it that way? Certainly not honoring our heroes. And by the way, we also should be honoring those who are missionaries and others who have died for their faith.

Now, I ask you, with the heritage that you have inherited why throw that all away for drunken parties, self indulgence in place of the honoring, a remembering our heroes, some who were your friends, brothers, sisters, parents, and grandparents? Isn't it worth the time to pay tribute to even your own flesh and blood?

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