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Memorial Day 2014: What's open and closed

The United States flag
The United States flag
Photo by Scott Paulson

Memorial Day is on Monday – May 26, 2014 – and the national holiday in the United States causes changes in one’s Monday morning routine and surroundings. Many people will have a three-day weekend including Monday – which is known for being the unofficial beginning of summer.

Some changes to expect on the holiday include services to the public. Federal offices will be closed, as well as state offices throughout the country. Additionally, city offices and county offices will be not offering their regular services via their regular service hours to the public. Police and fire emergency numbers are still available over the holiday, and some communities have regular trash pick-up - though most communities alter the week's schedule due to the holiday.

The United States Post office is closed, and there will be no regular mail delivered. Express Mail should be delivered.

Even though many county swimming pools and beaches begin operations over the Memorial Day weekend, offices related to such park and recreational facilities will not be serving the public.

Financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, will not be open in terms of their lobbies and drive-thrus. However, their ATMs – if properly stocked before the three-day holiday – and online operations should be functional as always, though transactions will not post until Tuesday. The financial markets will be closed.

Delivery outlets such as FedEx and UPS are closed but FedEx Custom Critical and UPS Express Critical should be available.

Libraries are closed.

Schools are scheduled to close on Memorial Day. However, if a school district has days to make up due to emergencies including bad weather, one should check to make sure the holiday isn’t one of the days chosen to make up for the emergency closing.

Most cities either do not have public transportation on the holiday or reduce their schedules for buses, trains and other forms of transportation available to the public.

Openings include most stores, restaurants and malls. In fact, more than just being open for the day, many stores have Memorial Day sales to compete for your business. Entertainment venues such as movie theaters are always open on this holiday as it is a great day for business with many people off work for the day and students home from school.

Churches and religious institutions are open in most cases. However, many of these facilities start their summer schedules during the Memorial Day weekend and extend their altered schedules until the Labor Day weekend in September. Therefore, be aware of possible time changes at such places.

In all circumstances, it is extremely wise to call ahead before taking the time and effort to make a personal trip. Very possibly, your destination – other than a commercial business - will be closed on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day events often include city parades, events at cemeteries which honor U.S. service men and women. Also, being the unofficial opening of summer throughout the country, fun-seekers might want to check to see if your local communities have a fest, concert, or other activities that are open to the public for the start of the summer months.

Not only for safety’s sake, but to avoid getting a ticket or being arrested, please follow the rules of the road in your locale. Do not drink and drive. Also, buckle up your seatbelts. Many communities warn that their authorities are vigilant in cracking down on drunken driving and seatbelt violations over the holiday weekend.

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