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Memorial Day -2014 – Honor and Remembrance

Remembering those who served and are serving today.
Remembering those who served and are serving today.
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Today in the USA we have been celebrating and honoring the lives of all those who have served and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, so that we could continue to enjoy the freedoms outlined in our own constitution: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are a unique country, many of us descendants of those who had the courage to fight for the right to live their lives as they chose, and who have left us a legacy of resilience and courage that still lives in us today. Today, we are honoring not only those who made the extreme sacrifice of their lives, but those who continue to protect that freedom. Many of us are choosing to honor them with services and in silent prayer, or among family gatherings. But, we can all do that best by choosing to live our lives to the fullest, enjoying the freedoms they gave us.

Over the years we have taught our children of the battles fought, whether far away, or in our own country, that were critical turning points in our fight to keep our freedoms and allow us to continue to keep our “great experiment” alive and thriving. We’ve had our bumps in the road since then and will probably continue to do so, but without those challenges, we would not be the people we are today.
As we participate in our Memorial Day gatherings today, let us remember to honor those who serve best by keeping that strength of spirit alive.

Peace @-)-)----