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Memorial Day 2014: Banks, post office, Walmart open or closed Monday, May 26?

When is Memorial Day 2014 and are banks, the post office and Walmart open on the annual federal holiday? Many people are searching Google for the date as they prepare for their Memorial Day weekend cookouts and observe a day of remembrance for those who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

When is Memorial Day 2014?
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This year, Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 26, 2014. Prior to a federal law passed in 1971, the holiday was always observed on May 30, but Congress then changed it to the last Monday in May. According to, all states complied with the change at first, but eventually all 50 states agreed to abide by the law.

Many people across the nation think of Memorial Day weekend as the start of summer vacation season, with cookouts and parties in full swing. "What's open, what's closed on Memorial Day?" quickly becomes a top Google search phrase as people scramble to get their banking done, drop a package at the post office and shop for supplies for their holiday barbecue. Popular online searches during the holiday weekend, aside from "will my cookout get rained out?" also include "Is the stock market open?" and "Are liquor stores and grocery stores open on Monday?"

What's open and what's closed on Memorial Day 2014?

All banks will be closed on Memorial Day, so if you have banking to do, you will have to use an ATM or online banking until banks open for business on Tuesday, May 27.

According to The Opinionated Nation, all government offices and schools will be closed on May 26 due to the federal holiday. All U.S. post office locations will also be closed and there will be no mail delivery.

Walmart, Target and most mall stores will be open on May 26, with many retailers holding big holiday weekend sales. Grocery stores and liquor stores will also be open, but call ahead to make sure as many stores have special holiday hours.

Wondering when your next day off is? Find a complete list of 2014 Federal holidays here.

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