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Memoirs of a Serial Killer fiction by John Alan Rogers

Memoirs of a Serial Killer Cover
John Derossett

New novelist John Alan Rogers has released his first book, a novel, written from the perspective of the serial killer. The book, based in Baltimore, Maryland, is written as if it were the serial killer himself telling you the story and has gotten off to good reviews in its early days on Amazon.

FROM THE BOOK: Roberto Montanari is a man like any other you would meet on the streets. In his early life, he would be bullied in school, his only attempt at joining an organization was in the first grade when a teacher encouraged him to join the Cub Scouts. The other boys in his pack beat him up and he never went to another meeting. The bullying would follow Roberto all through school. He never dated or participated in sports or any of the other extracurricular activities that the kids do while in school. As an adult, he joined the Navy and successfully completed his enlistment but when he was released, the bullying problems resurfaced when he settled in West Baltimore. The new bullying, along with the bullying he endured throughout his school years makes his general hatred for people surface and he snaps. His target: The prostitutes walking the streets of Baltimore.

The book is presently for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online booksellers. Presently, it is available in Kindle format as well, for sale exclusively through Amazon. There are plans to have print versions of the book available in local Baltimore bookstores by mid-summer, 2014.

From the book’s sales page on Amazon:

The book is published and distributed by RedStar Publications, Inc, located in Baltimore, Maryland, in cooperation with CreateSpace, an Amazon company.

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