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Memo to the Oscars: you need to make a new category

Nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards have come and gone, and, as expected, comedies were underrepresented.  This normally wouldn't come as a particular surprise, but the reason why it's more jarring this specific year is because the number of Best Picture nominations doubled.  Now, you can nominate films that everybody knows are never going to win.  If you have The Blind Side or District 9 in your office pool, why not just throw your money in the trash can?  (Please don't actually do that; it's illegal.)

If the new Oscar had existed in 1999, this film would've won.
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But seriously, the most glaring omission this year is for (500) Days of Summer.  Now, it was predicted that the film wouldn't get nominees for major categories, but that it would at least get nominated and probably win for Best Original Screenplay.  It left with nothing.  Not even a bone for the hipsters.  How ironic is it that Hollywood has always been labeled as "liberal" yet it won't give a movie that caters to young adults, hippies, and hipsters a chance.  Not only that, but it's also very critically-acclaimed, and it has won several screenplay awards already (Hollywood Film Festival Award, Satellite Award, and Southeastern Film Critics Association award).

The Academy Awards has to fix this problem.  Comedies barely ever win for Best Picture, and when they do, they're hardly considered for the comedy aspect of it.  American Beauty won the Academy Award more than a decade ago and is highly critically-acclaimed.  It has one of the deepest and most original screenplays ever written for a film.  But people don't remember how funny the movie is. 

You will never see Anchorman, Role Models, 40 Year-Old Virgin, or Office Space get nominated for any major categories.  Even Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (which should win an Oscar for Greatest Movie Title of All-time) was critically acclaimed and snubbed. 

Here's what the Academy Awards has to do:  make a new category.  It's that simple.  You would think that more comedies would be nominated since they upped their Best Picture nominations to ten, but apparently not.  The new category doesn't necessarily have to be Best Comedy Film.  Just make a category called Funniest Film.  It takes off the pressure of having an award being taken so seriously, so the snotty traditionalists that don't like the idea of Ron Burgundy being put in the same category as Oskar Schindler, that's fine (and completely appropriate, by the way).  This award doesn't have to be taken as seriously.

Also, having it be called "Funniest Film" as opposed to "Best Comedy" gives straight-up comedies a fair chance, while wannabe "Hollywood" comedy-dramas like Up in the Air can still be nominated for Best Picture.  Have a group of comedians be the voters of this award, and have them be comedians of different diversities of humor.  Movies like Black Dynamite and Zombieland (check back in the next day or two for a review of the new Zombieland DVD release) don't necessarily have to be taken as seriously as dramas, but it's just not fair that they go completely unrecognized.  Films like these are still critically-acclaimed, enjoyable, hilarious, satirical, and sometimes, pure entertainment.  The Academy needs to start finding more value on these attributes.

P.S. Seriously, not one nomination for (500) Days of Summer?  Come on.

P.P.S.  Thank you for the Up nomination.  That was very nice of you.

Up, (500) Days of Summer, Zombieland, and many other comedy films mentioned are available now on DVD at your local Best Buy.    Up in the Air and The Blind Side are still playing in your local theaters

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  • Sanchez 5 years ago

    What is up with you and 500 days of summer? Don't get me started! I'm done! (bangs keyboard and walks out of room)

  • Christine 5 years ago

    You're proposing to turn the Oscars into the Golden Globes hahaha. And though I agree with you on a general note about the Oscars not recognizing a wider variety of films (I'm thinking even blockbusters and action movies), it think they do get rare recognition with actor or supporting actor nominations (think Meryl Streep or Johnny Depp). Also, I'd like to take issue with your comment on The Blind Side. That movie was BRILLIANT and should win the Oscar! =D

  • Robert 5 years ago

    I never said The Blind Side wasn't brilliant. It just won't win the Oscar. It doesn't stand a chance. Haha.

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