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Memo to the Oscars: you need to make a new category


  • Sanchez 6 years ago

    What is up with you and 500 days of summer? Don't get me started! I'm done! (bangs keyboard and walks out of room)

  • Christine 6 years ago

    You're proposing to turn the Oscars into the Golden Globes hahaha. And though I agree with you on a general note about the Oscars not recognizing a wider variety of films (I'm thinking even blockbusters and action movies), it think they do get rare recognition with actor or supporting actor nominations (think Meryl Streep or Johnny Depp). Also, I'd like to take issue with your comment on The Blind Side. That movie was BRILLIANT and should win the Oscar! =D

  • Robert 6 years ago

    I never said The Blind Side wasn't brilliant. It just won't win the Oscar. It doesn't stand a chance. Haha.

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