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Melyssa Ford talks her new role on Bravo's 'Blood, Sweat and Heels'

Blood Sweat And Heels airs every Sunday at 9pm/8c only on Bravo!
Blood Sweat And Heels airs every Sunday at 9pm/8c only on Bravo!
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"Blood, Sweat and Heels" is Bravo’s newest reality series which focuses on a a group of up-and-coming movers and shakers in New York's elite circles of real estate, fashion, and media. The all-female cast includes former "video vixen" turned realtor Melyssa Ford. Melyssa spoke exclusively with about why she decided to join the cast, leaving her past world behind, and embarking on a new career in real estate. It is also important to note that Melyssa studied forensic psychology at York University, and is an advocate for issues close to her heart, lecturing on topics including HIV/AIDS awareness, selfeEmpowerment and women in the entertainment industry. Blood Sweat And Heels airs every Sunday at 9pm/8c only on Bravo! Read the full interview with Melyssa below:

Examiner: How are you doing?

Melyssa Ford: “I am doing okay…I’m getting readjusted to a heavy press schedule, and trying to make sure I stay on top of real estate, because that never stops…It’s all good, I could have worse problems (laughs).”

Examiner: How did the opportunity present itself to you to be a cast member of “Blood, Sweat, and Heels?”

Melyssa Ford: “There was a lengthy casting process when Bravo came up with the idea of the show, and they started the process of trying to find the right women. It was an authentic process to make sure we all had good chemistry…I came in the latest, Bravo found me and sent me an email, and I always knew that Bravo would be the network that I would want to be on. This show represents who I am; a single woman, who is a self-starter who lives in New York City.”

Examiner: Did you know any of the women prior to joining the cast?

Melyssa Ford: “I knew Demetria Lucas very well; we had met each other on the motivational speaking circuit and did a lot of panels talking about women empowerment. When I first found out that Demetria was on the show, I was overjoyed! In regards to the other girls, I knew a few of them by name, when we found out that we were going to be on the show together, we all made a point to communicate with each other, so by doing that we would have some sort of chemistry when the cameras started rolling.”

Examiner: Who would you say that you bonded with the most during filming?

Melyssa Ford: “Daisy is very cool, and I did not know her prior to filming, but I remember meeting her, and my sprit was lifted and my energy gravitated to her, I love Daisy! I think that she is a great girl, I also love Mica, and she is very fun and she has a great heart! I adore all the girls…I really do.”

Examiner: What makes “Blood, Sweat, and Heels” unique?

Melyssa Ford: “The theme of our show is that we are; single, successful women, and none of us have children, so we represent women who have unapologetically followed her dream and pursued her career goals. We as a group feel like the shame should be taken off of women who make choices to perhaps never get married, or never have children…It is nothing wrong with that.”

Examiner: Do you think your views will change one day?

Melyssa Ford: “I absolutely want a child, I would love to be married…However, I refuse to settle! I do believe that it will happen one day, but it just is not happening at this exact moment.”

Examiner: What has been your biggest challenge with leaving the video girl behind and making a name for yourself in the real estate world?

Melyssa Ford: “The feeling that I am straddling a fence…I’m Melyssa the newly licensed real estate agent and then there is Melyssa Ford; the persona, the entity, the celebrity…The two are very different women, and that gets hard at times.”

Examiner: What made you interested in career in real estate?

Melyssa Ford: “In the past I never really thought that real estate could be a possibility for me…In the end of 2012 I came to a crossroads in my career and in my life, the entertainment industry is a tough industry; and I wasn’t at a place where I was happy…I didn’t understand my brand anymore and I didn’t know how to reenergize it…I lost a little bit of interest in that whole world and I realized I had a lot of contacts from being in the entertainment industry. I realized that real estate would be highly suitable for someone like myself and my skills…I went to real estate school and now I am officially licensed and certified by the Department of State to sell real estate in the state of New York.”

Examiner: What was your honest opinion of Daisy’s brunch?

Melyssa Ford: “First, it was really cold and windy that day; I was freezing, which can explain for my facial expressions (laughs). I do enjoy Daisy’s brunches and love the fact that she gets together all of these people…The conversation as it was, it got so confusing and I chose not to engage because it started not to make sense to me…When the whole cheating topic came up, I totally understands where Demetria comes from, and in her world, it is very black and white; as human beings there are many shades of gray that has to be acknowledged.”

Examiner: What are you looking forward to the most as 2014 progresses?

Melyssa Ford: “To be consistent with what I have been doing. People don’t really know about my charity and philanthropic activities; I have been a partner with the Center for Disease and Control Prevention for five years and an AIDS activist for eight years…People don’t know these things about me, because they were too consumed with who I was dating. I want people to take notice of my many dimensions and use this platform in a positive way; I hope that people enjoy the show and my career in real estate continues to grow.”

Examiner: Lastly, what will surprise viewers the most as the season continues?

Melyssa Ford: “Everything! There is something that happens that no one saw coming! It is the catalyst for the explosion that happens and sets off the rest of the season, and creates an enormous divide between the group; and we all have strong opinions about this issue and it created so much drama that will definitely drive the rest of the season!”