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Melvyn Douglas is TCM's star of September

"That Uncertain Feeling 2" by film screenshot (United Artists)
"That Uncertain Feeling 2" by film screenshot (United Artists)
Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

This September TCM will be airing a months worth of actor Melvyn Douglas movies. Douglas is either a favorite actor to some and to others he's very underrated. The films will be airing on Wednesdays during the month and they will be starting at 8 p.m. ET. The first film to start the marathon is "Being There." For "Being There," Douglas won a Best Supporting Oscar for his performance. He also won an Oscar for the movie, "Hud."

Born in Georgia on April 5, he made some of his first movies in the 1930s and he worked all the way up till his death in 1981. One of his last movies was "Ghost Story."

Looking at the last movie to air, "We Were Dancing," which airs on Sept. 25, is based off a play by the great Noel Coward. The 1942 movie along with Douglas had starred Norma Shearer, Gail Patrick, and Reginald Owen. Other movies that will be airing throughout the month are:

  • "Ninotchka"
  • "Billy Budd"
  • "Dangerous Corner"
  • "Fast Company"
  • "Hud"
  • "Tell No Tales"
  • "The Toy Wife"
  • "The Shining Hour"

So that's just a brief look at some of the movies that will be airing on TCM, starting on Sept. 3 at 8 p.m. ET. To see the full schedule of the movies, please click here. You won't want to miss it if you are fan of his movies and watch a couple during the month if you've never see his movies too!

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