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'Melting man' of India refuses surgery to remove sagging tumors

Gurgaon - In India, Mannan Mondal is known as the “melting man” for reasons that are obvious to anyone who meets him. Multiple huge lumps, actually benign tumors, hang from his face and give the appearance of melting.

Mondal is missing an eye socket, an ear and most of his teeth. The giant sagging tumors have been growing for 50 years and presently hang to his upper chest.

Despite his disfiguring affliction, Mondal has struggled to live a relatively normal life and is married (32 years) and has four children - including a daughter who is about to get married.

Until last month Mondal was unable to see doctors who might be able to surgically remove the massive, sagging growths because he had no money. Enter Dr. Ajay Kashyap, the director of plastic surgery at the Fortis Memorial Research Institute, who agreed to examine Mondal and offer surgical assistance, according a Huffington Post story out Wednesday.

According to Kashyap, Mondal has neurofibromatosis, a genetic malady that causes his body to grow noncancerous tumors. While the disease is incurable skilled surgeons like Kashyap have the ability to remove troublesome tumors and make life better for patients.

The good Doctor offered to surgically remove the tumors hanging from the man’s face; however, surprisingly, Mondal said surgery might not be good for him right now.

When pressured about his decision Mondal said his daughter is getting married and he’s hoping to help pay for the wedding. He is afraid that having the growths removed would interfere with his ability to panhandle, which accounts for most of his earnings.

More specifically he is afraid that his income of about $8.50 a day would drop because people would have less sympathy over his condition.

“I will have to buy a lot of things -- beds, cabinets, rings, watches and a cycle for the groom," Mondal told the Mirror online news. “The money I earn while begging is barely enough to feed my family. But I have no other way to help my daughter. I have to continue like this. I have to think about feeding my family first.”

Mondal says he might consider surgery at some other time “but not now.”

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