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Melting "Frozen" hearts

It seems like this year, the northern half of the world keeps getting buried in snow. But that’s normal this time of year, right? Half the world freezes and storm rages on. Maybe there is something different about this year. Snowmen seem to be loved just a tiny bit more than usual, or at least one in particular. And ice becomes a prize commodity in landscaping and construction.

Promon picture for the movie "Frozen"
Photo: Disney Studios

The whole world just might be Frozen! The new Disney movie Frozen has definitely taken the world by storm. Still going strong in cinemas from its released in November, Frozen has become one of the top movies of all time, rivaling Titanic and Avatar. The story and characters are at once a throwback to the original feel of Disney while adding in modern themes. But what else made this movie such a great hit?

Firstly, there are the music and songs! The number one original song, “Let It Go” sung by Idina Menzel, is just one of the ridiculously catchy tunes the audience may get caught up in. Another song, “In Summer,” is sung by arguably the most lovable character, Olaf the snowman. Being made of snow, the ironic humor in the lyrics and dreams sequence is obvious and causes much more love and happiness in the surrounding characters.

These things alone can’t make such a hit in the movie world. Nearly every Disney animated movie has the beautiful, catchy songs and the occasional comic relief. So what else is there? Easy…

Modern-like characters with modern-like problems.

Princess Anna, the main character of the story is not your average princess. She is bold, brazen, quite a bit clumsy, and has a can-do attitude. She is the kind heart of the story that helps to bring her sister Elsa out of the dark. Elsa, the newly crowned Snow Queen, is the opposite of Anna. She has hidden who she is her whole life simply because she could hurt and scare others away from her. She is the recluse with the protective spirit that believes she must remove herself from society in order to be free.

Underneath these two characters are a plethora of many more ‘new’ and seemingly modern-like characters and themes. To name a few themes are the strong males that stand beside strong women instead of in front of them, coming of age, a non-traditional villain, and accepting a queen as a ruler without a king. There is no doubt that this movie is anything but special. It has melted the hearts of audiences all over the globe and is far from being out of the spotlight!

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