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MELT on Pilates a New Workout for a New Year

Happy New Year, we have successfully made it through the first full week of the New Year and if you’re like many people you’ve resolved that this is the year you are going to get into shape, get into better shape or add more challenge to your workouts. To help you meet those goals, MELT on Pilates, a new format of the MELT method will help you succeed. I had the pleasure of dialoguing with Chicago based MELT Instructor Salle Huber who provided some great insight on the MELT on Pilates program.

So what is the MELT method and MELT on Pilates? MELT is self-care treatment system designed by manual therapist, Sue Hitzmann that specifically targets the vast connective-tissue system by using precise movements on a soft body roller and a collection of small balls. The connective tissue is the scaffolding of the body, affecting bones, muscles, ligaments, skin, organs and even our cells. When we MELT, we are restoring the fluid state of our connective tissue and re-balancing our autonomic nervous system so that our entire body can function optimally.

MELT on Pilates came about as a collaborative effort between Hitzmann and NY Pilates/MELT instructor, Hallee Altman. Their goal was to bring the stability and precision of Pilates equipment classes to Pilates matwork. In MELT on Pilates, you begin by preparing the body for the rigors of class with the MELT roller. Then you perform Pilates exercises with the specially-designed MELT half roller, which allows participants to better identify and challenge their core musculature.

"If you are a student of Pilates, then you know how hard it is to move/flex your ribcage without moving your pelvis...or to flex/extend your pelvis without moving your ribs or chin. MELT on Pilates gives you the tools and skills that you need to perform Pilates mat work better" says Salle Huber.

To help participants meet these challenges some of the exercises included in classes are:

Chin to chest-This exercise focuses on the ability to lift the head off the floor and identify core contact without pulling on the neck.

Spine Flex- Focuses on movement in the ribcage when lifting the head and shoulders from the floor while maintaining a neutral pelvis position.

Lower Back Stability- Focuses on maintaining spinal/pelvic neutrality while flexing and extending the hip joint.

MELT on Pilates unique approach to mat Pilates instruction provides the participant with a fun yet challenging workout resulting in increased core strength, better posture and improved health.

Looking for MELT on Pilates classes in the Chicago area? Salle Huber teaches MELT on Pilates at Oakbrook Racquet and Fitness…650 Westmont Drive…Westmont, IL 60559. You can reach Salle on Facebook at For more details on the MELT method and to find a MELT instructor in your area visit, click on the “Find Melt” button and enter your zip code to find an instructor near you.

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