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Melissa McCarthy habits: Actress admits she could eat healthier

Melissa McCarthy
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Actress Melissa McCarthy is speaking out and the star does realize that she could be a bit healthier but she doesn't really seem to mind it. On Thursday, ET Online shared about this actress had to say. She does realize that things are not perfect in her life and that she could do better. It really doesn't sound like she has plans to change any day. Melissa McCarthy is doing amazing in her career right now.

Melissa said that she should eat healthier and she should also drink less. It doesn't sound like she plans to change any time soon though. McCarthy also said that she knows that she could get hit by a bus any day and none of that would have mattered if that is what happens to her. Melissa is aware of how fragile life really is and that you could go any day.

Melissa McCarthy also shared how her career started. She did standup comedy as a drag queen even though she is a woman. She always wanted to stand out. She knew that was the way to get attention and it worked for her. This mean wearing fishnet stockings, big eyelashes and whatever it took to make sure that everyone remembered her looks and jokes on the stage. It is great to know that she wasn't afraid to try whatever it took to make sure she got her career going.

Rolling Stone shared how she will be rocking the cover of the upcoming magazine. This is a double issue and it hits stands on Friday. Fans can read a lot more about what Melissa McCarthy had to say about her life, eating and more in this issue of Rolling Stone magazine. She told herself she had to hit it big before 30 or move on to something else. She was able to do just that and Melissa McCarthy's career is still going strong.

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