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Melissa Joan Hart flaunts 40-lb weight loss in hot bikini: Her diet and workout

Actress Melissa Joan Hart showed off her sizzling bikini body after losing 40 pounds on a low-carb Nutrisystem diet. Hart shared the stunning photo on Instagram April 8.

Melissa Joan Hart rocks sizzling bikini body after 40-pound weight loss: Her diet and workout
Melissa Joan Hart Instagram

"It's not every day I like to show a lot of skin, but these days I'm feeling confident," Hart said in a new Nutrisystem commercial set to air April 21.

"It's the first time I've been able to wear a bikini in probably 10 years. I felt confident enough to wear a bikini because I lost 40 pounds with Nutrisystem and I've been able to just keep going."

Melissa has lost an additional 10 pounds since December 2013, when she first spotlighted her 30-pound weight loss (see video above).

Hart, who gained 60 pounds during her third pregnancy, said portion control, limiting carbs, and daily workouts are her weight-loss secrets. She exercises daily by running, spinning, and doing cardio barre workouts.

The mom of three boys said her husband Mark Wilkerson was extremely supportive during her weight-loss journey. β€œHe is the guy who is disciplined," said Hart, author of Melissa Explains It All. "His whole thing is stick to it, be healthy, be fit. I want to look fantastic going into my 40s.”