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Melissa Gorga missing from Teresa Giudice’s celebration on Mother’s Day

Melissa Gorga
Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Intouch Weekly

Melissa Gorga was apparently excluded from the Mother’s Day celebration that included Teresa Giudice and other family members. On Sunday, the official Twitter account belonging to Giudice shared photos of the reality star enjoying the day with her children and husband. However, Gorga was not part of any of the pictures and may have avoided the entire event.

Despite their constant reassurances of a new relationship, many fans doubted that Giudice and Gorga were truly able to have a real friendship. The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reality stars have stopped filming the next season, so there is no need to smile for the cameras and pretend to get along. This may explain why Gorga was missing from the Mother’s Day celebration, and Giudice did not care about her absence.

On Mother’s Day, Teresa and Joe Giudice explained they visited her brother-in-law, Peter, and she was not the only family member to attend the celebration. Peter and his wife, Sheila, also welcomed Teresa’s mother and father to the party. Joe spent the day with his daughters and nieces while Peter made pizza outdoors.

No one has shared why Melissa and Joe Gorga were not part of the celebration at Peter’s house, but the couple apparently spent the previous day with Joe’s parents. Melissa posted a photo of the family enjoying dinner together with the children at a restaurant. She may have also spent Mother’s Day with her own family but did not post any pictures.

Before she visited Peter’s house, Teresa spent time at soccer practice with one of her daughters and planted flowers in her yard. She seemed oblivious to her upcoming trial date, but she has been focusing on her family for months while trying to remain positive in the spotlight. This Mother’s Day was not different from the previous photos she has posted about enjoying her family.

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