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Melissa Gilbert signing copies of "Daisy and Josephine" today in New York

Melissa Gilbert's "Daisy and Josephine"
Melissa Gilbert's "Daisy and Josephine"

Little House on the Prairie alum , Melissa Gilbert, will be signing copies of her children's book "Daisy and Josephine" at the Barnes & Noble on East 86th Street in New York today.

The book tells the story of a shy little girl who befriends a spunky dog, and through their friendship, Daisy opens up and breaks out of her shell. Gilbert says that she wrote "Daisy and Josephine" to "inspire children to be brave, to sing, and to always shine brightly!"

Melissa Gilbert starred as Laura Ingalls on the hit television show Little House on the Prairie. She has starred in numerous movies and recently served as president of the Screen Actors Guild for two terms. Like Daisy, Melissa was very close to her father as a child. In her memoir, Prairie Tale, she recalls, “My earliest memory is of myself, at two and a half or so, watching my father doing his standup act. I was doing his act along with him. I adored my father.” She resides in Michigan with her family and French bulldog, Josephine.

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