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Melissa Gilbert asked if Tom Cruise was as spectacular in bed as Cher claims

Melissa Gilbert's recent interview with Andy Cohen brings up her time dating Tom Cruise before he was Cruise.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Melissa Gilbert has come a long way from “Little House on the Prairie” and during a recent interview with Andy Cohen on his show “Watch What Happens Live,” Gilbert shot from the hip. Because Cher had given Tom Cruise such rave reviews for his bedroom skills, Cohen asked Melissa her thoughts on Cruise's love making skills because Gilbert had dated Cruise years ago, according to Fox News on Jan. 25.

The grownup girl from the prairie reminded Cohen that she was just a kid, all of 16 or 17 when she met an unknown and struggling actor named Tom Mapother. Her extent of intimacy with the man, who would later became Tom Cruise, was some kissing, which was good, said Gilbert.

She also said because he was struggling, she bought him his first set of dishes. Gilbert’s memories of her short time with Cruise were good memories, but there is another Hollywood celeb where memories are more on the sour side.

Gilbert made no bones about it, if she ran into the actress who had a one-night stand with her first husband, she would punch her in the nose. Shannen Doherty wouldn’t know what hit her because Gilbert said she wouldn’t say a word if she ran into her, she would “just punch her in the nose.”

That is clear enough, apparently this stems from a grudge that she’s carried around for some time now. Gilbert did reveal in her 2010 book, “Prairie Tales,” that her first husband bedded down Doherty for a night, so this is not the first time she’s mentioned it.

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