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Melissa Francis: A Message to All Abusers

Melissa Francis writes a memoir of her childhood acting career and her domineering  family life growing up  in Diary of a Stage Mother's Daughter.

I recently finished reading former child actress and now journalist Melissa Francis' memoir Diary of a Stage Mother's Daughter. It details her life as a successful child actress on such shows as Little House on the Prairie and in hundreds of TV commercials and movies. It also details her and her family's life under the control of a domineering and abusive stage mother. Ms Francis and her father were subjected to much physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual abuse. However, nothing compared to the way her big sister, Tiffany, was treated by their mother. At least young Melissa was treated like a human being every now and again. Her sister Tiffany was thrown away like garbage most of the time. All of the while, her mother would claim that she did everything for the kids and that she ( the mother) was deprived because of it. Unfortunately, their father rarely tried to do anything about it until much later. Then, it was too late. Their father was definitely abused too. However, in my viewpoint, his number one priority should have been the children. Warning, in some ways, this book does not end happily.

However, this book does end triumphantly. Melissa Francis decides one day that the cycle of abuse will end with her. You will have to read the book to find out how, but I assure you it is definitely worth reading. Sometimes, life needs to get extremely messy for it to get better.

Now, I am going to address a group of people that I normally do not address directly with my articles. I normally believe in addressing those who have come through adversity or who are working to come through adversity. They are truly awesome people. I am going to do something different this time and address the abusers of the world.

Abusers, you all know deep down who you are. If you do not know, then, you are lying to yourselves. You are also lying to all of the people that you feel you have a right to hurt because supposedly you are entitled to your victims' or potential victims' love and respect even though you treat them like garbage. I do not care if you are their parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, co-workers, or the guy or gal that lives next door or down the street from them. You have absolutely no right to abuse or hurt anyone. YOU ARE WRONG FOR ABUSING AND HURTING ANYONE!! Oh, you do not like my yelling. Well, excuse me. I thought maybe you would feel comfortable since that is what you do to people all of the time. I thought you would feel right at home. You Abusers are often extremely self-righteous and arrogant and believe that everyone is supposed to be smiling and happy even when you are hitting them with your words and/or your fists. It is wrong. You are behaving in the wrong way. Maybe your victims or potential victims will tolerate it for a while. One of these days, though, your victims or someone else is going to stand up and not take it anymore. Your abuse will not last forever. You will not be powerful forever, especially when you obtain your power by pushing other people around and knocking them down. It will not last forever!!

Now, back to the people I prefer to talk to, the victors and potential victors, please do not tolerate bad behavior. If you know or suspect that you or someone else is being abused; please tell someone about it. I understand that every situation is different. Tell a family member or a friend that you trust, a teacher, a co-worker, a boss, a neighbor, etc. Also, do not be afraid to go to law enforcement if the abusive situation is breaking the law or potentially breaking the law. You are a good and decent person. You do not deserve this crap. Please get help for you and/or someone else.

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