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Melba Moore and Phil Perry GIVE THE GIFT OF SWEET SOUL

Melba Moore and Phil Perry: The Gift Of Love


Melba Moore and Phil Perry have been wowing audiences separately for more than 40 years.Melba Moore has had a career that any diva would look up to with admiration.She began her career on Broadway as Sheila in the play Hairspray. It was the first time in history that a black actress replaced a white actress in a leading role. Add to that, that Moore won a Tony Award,played in various movie roles and began her professional singing caeer in 1970 with the album I Got Love. Phil Perry has also had a wonderful career as well.He began with the group The Montclairs.He then moved on to form a duo with Kevin Sanlin,then with David Garfield. Perry finally made his solo debut in 1991 with the album The Heart of the Man,which featured the #1 hit "Call Me." After all of that, the two smooth vocalists have decided to join forces to release the amazing CD The Gift of Love. 

This stellar collection begins with the song "Optimistic." This song is a remake of Sounds Of Blackess' 1991 hit. They make the song their own with their smooth vocals.One good thing about this song is that they do not over sing.They deliver the song with flowing vocals and smooth melodic rhythms that younger singers need to take note of.The song is also a message that everyone needs to hear in these troubled times.

The dynamic duo also shine on the remake "Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing." Their vocals and melodies would make both the late Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell smile and give them applause.They also add their own flavor to the end of the song by adlibing "Real thing/real thing/it's a re-a-l thang." This song will please every listener who hears it.

They take on gospel as well with the song "It Will Be Alright," which is a remake of the John P. Kee classic of the same name.They both sound so natural and like they were made to sing this song together.In the middle of the song, Moore hits a couple of notes that proove once and for all that she is a real diva. The notes would would give Mariah Carey in her prime a run for her money.From those notes alone, it is easy to see why she is considered to be a legend.

The duo also sing  their hearts out on their new material as well. On the songs "Weakness,""Survival Kit" and "Give (The Gift Of Love)," they shine like the stars that they are.On all of the material, including the new songs, they flow together like milk and cereal.The new material fits right in with the remakes.Together they are vocalists that  truly compliment each other on every song that they sing.

This collection is a must have for everyone that appreciates good soul music.This collection also proves that all of the great music legends are not gone,we have two that are here together singing their hearts out. 


  • Melba Moore 5 years ago

    Thank you and Bless Love Melba Moore

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