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Melasma, sun-damage, and SPF

Daily Defense
Daily Defense
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Summer is almost here and anyone suffering from melasma or brown patches (sun-damage and hyperpigmentation) on their skin may have noticed that these discolorations tend to be more prominent during the summer months. The darkening of these areas happens with sun exposure. To help shut down the melanocytes in the skin a physical sunscreen of 30 SPF is recommended for daily use on all skin types. Sunscreen is just not for summer and vacation. You should use sunscreen daily all year round. Remember not all sunscreens are created equal. What’s in a number? Sunscreens can range in protection from 4 -100. Sun protection with a factor above 45 does not offer anymore protection and is more for marketing purposes. Protection comes in two main forms, physical (zinc physical ingredient, provides immediate broad spectrum protection) and chemical ingredients (take 20 – 30 minutes to activate and may not protect against all rays). Physical protection is your best bet for protecting your skin. Sunscreen is one of the cheapest ways to improve the health and wellness of your skin. Remember that sunscreen is protection not a block so you need to take that extra step for your skin to include appropriate clothing including a hat and sunglasses when outside for extended periods of time. Looking for a sunscreen for your skin type? Image Skincare offers a variety of daily defense solutions for your skin.