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Melanie Martinez, not your average Voice contestant, comes to Atlanta

Meleanie Martinez will be in Atlanta performing at Vinyl on June 10
Meleanie Martinez will be in Atlanta performing at Vinyl on June 10
Melianie Martinez

Melanie Martinez, the teen singer-songwriting sensation with the two-tone hair who appeared on The Voice in 2012 is coming to Atlanta and will be appearing at Vinyl on June 10 as part of her first national tour. Martinez is on tour to promote her new EP, “Dollhouse” a collection of four songs written and produced by Martinez herself.

Atlanta and the music world is being re-introduced to Melanie Martinez. While Martinez was successful on The Voice, her ambition has always been to create and perform her own music rather than remain a cover artist. I had the opportunity to chat with Ms. Martinez about the upcoming tour and her music.

Martinez appeared on Season 3 of "The Voice" and worked with Adam Levine on the way to eventually making the top six in the season that was won by pop rock singer Cassadee Pope. Since that time Martinez, arguably the most original performer to appear on the third season, has been using the increased visibility that was brought by the show, to release and promote her own music.

She is very appreciative of the opportunities that were provided her by “The Voice” but “…always saw [herself] as more of a singer-songwriter than just a singer so I’m really happy to not have the constraints of that shows format.”

Martinez considers herself an alternative artist and is happy to break away for the music she was asked to perform on “The Voice”, music that she was not that familiar with as it wasn’t what she listened to regularly.

Her first single is called “Dollhouse” and it’s the perfect introduction to Martinez’ personal musical style and writing. The song is superficially a pop song but it has some unnerving, dark lyrics at its core. Martinez explains the song by suggesting she loves telling honest stories and writes about her personal experiences or those people around her. “I have a very happy family life” she explains, “but I know people who have had tough situations.”

The “dark core” in her music portrays a maturity in Martinez’ songwriting that is unexpected in a young artist just launching her career. She hasn’t lost sight of her childhood though and her music portrays a lot of different childhood themes all with this dark undercurrent. “Carousel” is another song that is full of childhood themes while conveying a darker, more brooding message.

It’s that contradiction that makes Martinez’ music so compelling, the juxtaposition of innocently childlike contexts blended with more adult, and darker, themes.

Despite those largely adult themes she believes her audience is comprised mostly of teens and young adults as her lyrics are about teen experiences.

Martinez is really excited about the tour as it represents the first time she has gone out with a full production on tour; when asked what the audience can expect she explained, “…it’s almost like a children’s storybook coming to life on stage,” adding “I’m a very visual person, I want to get it to the point where people see my videos on stage.” While it may not reach that point yet, on her first tour, there should be plenty of visual impact on stage.

The EP and tour are just part of Martinez’ busy schedule as she is finishing an album and expects to release it via Atlantic Records in the latter part of this year. There is no doubt that Melanie Martinez is moving forward at a great pace as the ideas just keep coming to her.

Tuesday night at Vinyl the audience will havethe opportunity to see one of this year’s most creative and unique artists at the start of her career. As Melanie Martinez’ popularity continues to grow it is unlikely that she will be able to play venues as intimate as Vinyl; this really is a great opportunity to see an emerging talent.

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