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Mela Machinko: "What You Want Me To Do (I'm Sorry)"

Mela Machinko is not a woman to be to put in a box, she is sassy, smart, earnest and one of the go to singers for all things Hip-Hop...while she may sing a mean hook she also holds her own and has been. Her fans are the people that you stan out for. She does not let this go to her head though, she is a true artist, humble yet confident.

Mela Machinko
War Media Music

"What you what me to do" that is a question women ask over and over, and Ms. Mela has the voice to tell those people where to go. With her sly smile and jazzy voice, she kills you with kindness. The song makes you want to strut down the street, but yet if you stumble a bit who cares? You are still killin it. This is not an "anthem" and it is not supposed to be. This is a grown and sexy chat with your best friend - well maybe the one that you wish you had.

If this is any sort of "anthem" it is for the mature, realistic and those who know how to be comfortable in their own skin...being beautiful, being open to love yet knowing when it is anything but. Any woman can ask "what you want me to do" but it takes a real woman to state it.

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