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Mel Gibson wants no-contest plea erased: Battery conviction possibly expunged

Mel Gibson is asking the court judge to expunge his record of battery with regards to a domestic violence case. Today the Financial Express describes the incident as a misdemeanor where he pled no-contest to the charges when he struck his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva across the face.

Will Mel Gibson's record be cleared of all charges?
Mark Sullivan / Getty Images

In one story that has been going around since this incident first occurred back in 2010 he punched her in the face, another is he used an open hand to slap her to bring her back to reality when she all of a sudden started shaking back and forth with continual screams emanating from her and wouldn’t stop which all started when the couple argued over the custody of their daughter Lucia.

When Gibson and Oksana had to appear in court he didn’t contest the charge but did explain that it was just to shock her back to the here and for no other reason. Regardless of the reasons the judge ordered Mel Gibson to a series of punishments which included three years of probation, sixteen hours of community service, attend counseling for domestic violence for fifty-two weeks, pay some fines as well as maintaining a peaceful relationship with Oksana from then on.

Now Gibson and his attorney have filed documents with the court requesting the charge of assault against Oksana in the face be expunged. He complied with all of the requests issued by the judge when the matter first was heard in a court of law. Now that he has completed all the sentencing requirements he would very much like his record clean again with this incident expunged so he wouldn’t have a criminal record following him in the future.

This past March his probation finally ended and his request for a hearing is due to take place later this month. Do you think the judge will comply with Mel Gibson’s request or squash it? This isn’t something that usually occurs when others have been faced with the same charges of domestic violence.

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