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Mel B becomes 'X Factor' U.K. judge in 2014; fan reactions are mostly negative

Mel B
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Mel B is officially confirmed as a judge on "The X Factor" U.K. in 2014. ITV (the show's U.K. network) made the announcement on June 10, 2014. The news comes a week after Simon Cowell pretty much admitted to the Daily Mirror that Mel B (whose real name is Melanie Brown) will be part of "The X Factor" U.K. judging lineup in 2014 but that her time commitment needed to be worked out before the contract was signed. Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh are confirmed for the show's judging panel in 2014.

Based on comments made on the Internet, most "X Factor" viewers don't want Mel B as a judge on "The X Factor" U.K., and many say they won't be watching the show anymore.

Mel B (also known as Scary Spice from the Spice Girls) is also a judge on "America's Got Talent" (another TV show created by Cowell), which films during the months that "The X Factor" U.K. does auditions, boot camp and the "judges' houses" phase of the competition. She joined "America's Got Talent" in 2013, and she was a judge on "The X Factor" Australia in 2011 and 2012. In 2014, she became a judge on "The Voice Kids" Australia.

On "The X Factor" U.K., Mel B replaces Nicole Scherzinger, whom Cowell admitted to the media in April 2014 was fired from "The X Factor" U.K. because he didn't think she would work well with Cole. Ironically, Mel B was a guest judge on "The X Factor" U.K. in 2012, when the show was looking to replace Kelly Rowland. Scherzinger got the job, and now Mel B has replaced Scherzinger.

In a press release, Mel B (whose real name is Melanie Brown) commented, “I’m so excited to be joining 'The X Factor.' I loved being a guest judge back in 2012. I’ve always thought honesty is the best policy when being a judge and that’s what I’m going to bring more of this year, whether it’s spotting an incredible singer, giving someone a reality check or debating with Simon over who’s got it wrong! Now I can’t wait to get started and find some amazing talent.”

Cowell added, “I am thrilled that Mel B has agreed to be a judge on 'The X Factor' this year. I thought she was fantastic as a guest judge a couple of years ago. She is feisty, opinionated and, I believe, will be a great mentor."

An unnamed source told the Daily Mirror: "Mel B was Simon’s number one choice for the final place on the panel, he was really impressed when they met up and he likes her style and what she was saying she can bring to the show in their meeting. She is certainly not a shrinking violet and will say exactly what she thinks. She will stir things and be up for a laugh which is important.

"Cheryl knows Mel a little and whilst they are not best friends they are very different and she also believes Mel will work on the panel. Mel was Simon’s choice but he did ask Cheryl’s opinion and they both think she is a good choice."

According to the Daily Mirror, Mel B is getting £1 million (or $1.68 million in U.S. dollars) to be a judge on "The X Factor" U.K., while Cole's "X Factor" salary in the same period is £1.5 million (or $2.52 million in U.S. dollars).

Meanwhile, Mel B seems to be a very unpopular choice for most "X Factor" U.K. viewers who took to the Internet to express how much they dislike Mel B. The Daily Mirror had a scathing editorial, which described her as a no-talent, "unemployed Spice Girl." Some of the harsher comments in the editorial were that Mel B is one of the "few women in the world whose singing is worse than Victoria Beckham’s," and Mel B "competes with Geri Halliwell to be known as Least Successful Spice." The editorial said that Mel B could be successful on "The X Factor" as long as "she doesn't sing."

To be fair, for the past several years, Mel B has been steadily employed on reality TV shows outside the United Kingdom. In 2014, she is a judge on three shows in three different countries: "The X Factor" U.K., "America's Got Talent" and "The Voice Kids" Australia. As previously mentioned, she was a judge on "The X Factor" Australia in 2011 and 2012. She also co-hosted "Dancing With the Stars" in Australia in 2012. In 2010, she starred in her own reality show "Mel B: It's a Scary World" that aired in the U.S. on the Style network, and she hosted the talent/weight-loss show "Dance Your Ass Off," which aired in the U.S. on the Oxygen network.

Here is a sampling of Internet reactions to the news that Mel B has become a judge on "The X Factor" U.K.:

From Twitter:

"Cheryl AND Mel B on X Factor? I feel they should scrap the entire final and have a Spice-Girls-Aloud MEGAMIX WITH ALL TEN GALS #xfactor"

"Just as the govt announces the unemployable are finding work, Mel B lands a spot on X Factor. #coincidence"

"Mel B has joined the X Factor. She & fellow judge Cheryl Cole can give contestants expert advice on how to mime & be a talentless Diva."

"Mel B as the new x factor judge? Just think, Victoria Beckham at judges houses."

From "The X Factor" U.K. official Facebook page:

"What does she know about Talent or singing."

"I have a feeling i might be a strictly person last year she is far too rude, yes you can tell people they are no good at singing but u dont have to be as rude as she was last time she was on !!!"

"That's me finished then, no more x factor, can't stand her, she is too self-centred it will be all about her, very bad decision."

"Oh well no X Factor for me this year !! Couldn't think of anyone worse for the job. I have never liked Mel B and was keeping my fingers crosses Simon wouldn't choose her for the job. Going by the comments on here I'm not the only one who's not going to be watching."

"Not exactly current! She's just gobby rude and obnoxious. Can't stand her."

"Very very bad decision. hated her on it the first time, so wont be watching here this time, she has no manners, way to go Simon to get viewers back."

"Bad choices in mel and Cheryl ! Bring back Sharon and Nicole."

"I wont be tuning in this year, awful lineup of judges. Louis needs to finish, he wouldnt know talent if it jumped up and hit him in the face. Cheryl cant sing live, if it wasnt for autotune she would have finished years ago and as for Mel B what good is there to say about her?"

"Always been a fan of the x factor, but not now...voice all the way for doesn't go on for weeks and weeks either and the judges at least can all sing x"

"Don't like Mel b ... She can't sing and would never of made it if she was just starting out now!! When was the last time she even had a song out??"

"Erm sorry but, what the hell does she know about singing.......whats wrong with getting someone current...So the line up is Cheryl 'i can mime" Cole,' Louie " 110%" Walsh, Simon 'I am god' Cowell, and now Mel "I used to be in a girl band" B....Ughhhhhhhhhh."

"Mel B is a great addition to the judging panel - may actually save the show, if you remember her guest judge slot, she was the only one who remembered it's a singing contest, not a pantomime show!"

"Despite what you think of her, the experience she has is amazing! Maybe we'll see more serious acts go through this year than your usual Rylan's & Jedwards!"

"I personally think she's the only one on the panel who has any sane idea of what she's there to do!"

"Think many people will turn off this year now."

"She's awful, just when the line up was looking good they ruin it with her. Disappointed!"

"Mel B has every right to be on the panel. She was part of one of the biggest girl bands the world has seen: The Spice Girls."

"Really maybe this is the last year for x factor here as well. MEL B i didnt watch when she was a guess judge so looks like i wont be watching it then cant stand the woman ,dont get me started about cheryl."
Fab line up, really looking forward to it, mel b is perfect for the job

"OMG!!!!!!! Could Simon go for someone more current..... Not happy, don't think I will be watching X factor this year."

"She deserves her place! Shes been in the industry 20 years, like her or not shr knows EXACTLY what shes talking about. She will be great entertainment too!!"

"Was looking forward to having Cheryl. And Simon back, though don't think I will enjoy it as much with mel b in it. To obnoxious for my taste."

"Bad decision! She can't even sing so what place has she got on a judging panel criticising others?!"

"This is such a bad choice she is far too full of herself and very rude I think you should rethink your choice as your ratings could fall dramatically what were you thinking simon."

"The likes are over powering the negative comments that most are ridiculous! !! MEL B has the right to be here as a judge and will make great TV. She has seen alot in the changes in the music industry si ce she has been in it for 18 years but 20 if you count when the spice girls formed in 94!!!! She has come from the BIGGEST GIRL BAND IN HISTORY AND THE BIGGEST BAND SINCE THE BEATLES! !!"

"Is this for real? When I saw her back in Manchester when she guest judged she was absolutely awful. So miserable and rude to the contestants!"

"Don't know which one's worse....Mel B or Cheryl."

"Not the worse decision. I can't stand Cheryl. Bring back Sharon."

"Looks like for the first time I won't be watching this year then. I can't stand her - anyone but her !!! Watch the ratings tumble."

"I couldn't think of a worse choice!!! Didn't like her last year when she was a guest judge, she was rude and arogant. Don't know what Simon Cowell thinks she could possiblt bring to the show."

"Oh dear.. That's exactly what the show didn't need. Another rude, useless, talentless... Good luck Cowell !"

"She is so attention seeking she just tries to be like simon with her attitude towards contestents."

"That news has spoilt the show for me don't want to watch it now and I have watched it every year NO SIMON."

"RUBBISH CHOICE SIMON!!!!!!!!! Very disappointed."

"Loved Mel B on X factor Australia!!! you will all be hooked after the first show! She says it like it is! Claws out scary times!"

"Bad decision."

"OMG Cheryl now this one it will be rubbish not interested now."

"It is a shame that Mrs O can't do it, but Mel B needs to be given a chance, she has done well in the overseas shows, and she has to be better than Tulisa ever was. Some of the new young artists just don't have the experience and knowledge to help... Give her a chance before condemning her..."

"People are so unfair sometimes... she completly stole the X Factor Australia.... She's now on The Voice Kids Australia and America's Got Talent for the second year... Everybody love her on these shows... Britain people are so hateful sometimes..."

"Her talent? She is a Spice Girl! They were the biggest girlband ever! Worldwide! Do you know what 'ever' word means? Envy aint good. Cheryl is bad. Who are Girls Aloud compared to the Spice Girls? Cheryl has great songs but.. Does she sing? No."

"Simon, Cheryl & Louis - dreadful choice!"

"Can not stand her just shows X factor has had it! Her singing is awful how can she be a judge!!"

"Noooooo not her."

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