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MEKS – Great and Simple Social Network App

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Price: FREE

Social networks revolutionized the way people communicate globally. When the online world started to change people’s lives almost three decades ago, much of the communication took place between individuals or small groups of people. Things like email and discussion forums were important and innovative, but they soon began to be inadequate for all needs of the users who demanded for a much broader communication level.
With the beginning of the 21st century, this all began to change with the emergence of social networks. Things like MySpace, and then Facebook and Twitter created a completely different field for the interactions between individuals, groups of people and anyone else who was willing to join in. Today, life in the personal and business domain simply would not be the same if these networks didn’t exist. But, as social networks grow, so does the need for simplification. The networks themselves are becoming more complex and diverse, which often leads to trouble and hard adjustments to the end user, especially those which use them on mobile devices.

A company called MEKS Tech Inc. created a mobile application which can help with this problem. Their app is called MEKS, and it is a social network which will not produce headaches for its new users, while at the same time it will give them all connecting abilities they are accustomed to. The app needs iOS 7.0 or a newer version to be installed, and it can be used on the iPod touch, the iPhone and the iPad.

MEKS users can create their own homepage, accompanied with wallpaper, shortcuts and other customization. From there, users can begin to connect with their friends. After that, the app will enable them to send photos, messages, sound files recorded on the device or videos.

MEKS network allows for the creation of events which can be personal as well as business oriented. This means that the app can be used to call friends to a new party or partners to a business lunch. Any user has the freedom to post anything from text to photos and links. MEKS allows the users to regulate the level of privacy, so any post can be visible to the public, or made private for only a group of friends. The app can be used for creating albums for photographs, or even used to record videos in an easy way. The same can be labeled with tags, location markers or hashtags, while others can like them or leave comments.

Simply put, MEKS is a complete social network. Unlike its competing apps which are difficult to use, this network truly requires minimal effort when it comes to the learning its function while it offers a wide range of possibility. With the added information that MEKS is totally free for download, all the facts suggest that everyone with a need for a simple, efficient and fun social network should definitely try it out on their iPhone.