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‘Mein Kampf’ not an Amazon best-seller, says New Republic story

Mein Kampf book jacket
Mein Kampf book jacket

Adolf Hitler’s globally known work “Mein Kampf” is not a best-seller on Amazon as reported earlier, says a new article published in New Republic.

Adam Kirsch’s article in New Republic explains that “Mein Kampf” has not become a best-selling ebook on as claimed earlier by a number of media outlets. The writer points to the observation that all media sites passing the word on about the book’s resurgence as a best-seller were based on a single source, which itself was no more than a chart headline amounting to “Propaganda and Political Psychology”.

Earlier this month, Russia Today posted about the bouncing popularity of “Mein Kampf”, mentioning the Amazon category “propaganda and political psychology”. The story also notes that journalist Chris Faraone, who originally posted about the book’s comeback, claimed that all six e-versions of the book are included in 10 best-selling versions of the more than 100 versions available on Amazon.

Meanwhile, the Times of Israel reports that Germany’s state Bavaria is ready to publish an annotated version of the book. The paper also reports that Germany’s Central Council of Jews has welcomed the move toward publishing an annotated edition. Reportedly, the original (1924) version of Hitler will not be allowed publication by the state.