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Mei-Ann Chen brings spunkiness to The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Mei-Ann Chen
Mei-Ann Chen
Mei-Ann Chen

Yes, Mei-Ann Chen is the first woman to win the prestigious Russian Malko International Conductors Competition in 2005.  However, she has many other achievements that the music world recognizes her for. She has dual master's degrees from the New England Conservatory in conducting and violin.  She also has a doctorate in musical arts from the University of Michigan.  She led sold-out performances at Carnegie Hall during her five-year tenure as music director of the Portland Oregon Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.  In 2007, she left Oregon to be the assistant conductor for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. In February, 2010, Ms. Chen starts as the new head conductor for The Memphis Symphony Orchestra.  Her contract will run for three years.  

At 36, and a native of Taiwan, Mei-Ann makes her home in the United States.

Watching Mei-Ann's head moving and arms flying are images that create the fluster that audiences are waiting to see.  In an interview Ms. Chen says, 'I do come with a lot of energy because I've worked with a lot of young people, and they feed you with what you've given them.  I hope to generate excitement and energy from the concert stage, and I hope that will be contagious.'

For the 2010 season, Ms. Chen continues to delight audiences with her spunky style in debuts with The Alabama Symphony, Chicago SInfonietta, Fort Worth Symphony, Kalamazoo Symphony, and Toronto Symphony to name a few. 

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is proud to present Mei-Ann Chen to conduct the Delta Classical Series Concerts starting Thursday, Friday and Saturday, February 25, 26 and 27, 2010, at 8 p.m. at Symphony Hall.  

Mei-Ann Chen, please take another bow.


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