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Megyn Kelly: 'No one does outrage like Kelly'

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Megyn Kelly of Fox's "The Kelly File" is fast becoming the "most controversial news anchor of the moment," according to an "Elle Magazine" interview released on Monday. The author Kelly's piece Ben Dickinson, forwarded the notion that part of the reason may be that, "No one does outrage like Kelly!"

The magazine explored Kelly's personality for clues to what makes Kelly just right for prime-time Fox News. Is it possible, they want to know, that Kelly's phenomenal ratings indicate she is well on her way to muffling the sound of rival outrage projectionists Bill O'Reilly, Rachel Maddow and Piers Morgan to just a squeak?

The article quoted Fox News' Brit Hume in an admiring nod to Kelly's brains and beauty. Brit said, "She’s got this incredibly winning, girlish smile she breaks out in all the time ... is impossibly good-looking ... and she can be just as tough as nails and bear down on people."

Brit's praise might also point to those of a successful attorney. Still, many may be shocked to discover that Kelly's rise from attorney to anchor includes being turned down to a journalism school. Now Kelly aptly leads with political news and issues from elections and government to what color Santa is.

Considering the "median age of Fox News Channel’s audience is now above 65, and its ratings among the crucial 25–54 demographic have been in decline for five years," the question surfaced about whether Kelly would pull in younger viewers. Whether Kelly manages to capture a younger demographic or not, her personal life as a young mom of adorable children boosts her appeal.

Kelly has three children, Yardley, Yates and baby Thatcher. Like moms of babies everywhere, Kelly laughed about how her day begans "feeding Thatcher," because her baby son "wakes me up in the five o’clock hour. ” Kelly's remark appears to have been made with love and endearment, no outrage there.

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