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Megyn Kelly jokes that she slept with Janice Dean

Leave it to Megyn Kelly of Fox News to stir things up again in her own inimitable fashion. This time she wasn’t joking about Santa Claus’ race or anything else that will cause a media firestorm in the dead of winter. This time, she was joking about her and meteorologist Janice Dean sleeping together. According to a UPI report on Friday, it was definitely all in good fun – for Kelly, but it took Dean aback, needless to say.

Megyn Kelly

As the incident goes, Dean was making an appearance on “The Kelly File” and reporting on the East coast winter storm that has taken hold of the New York area. As she was reporting that businesses in the New York-area were closing in preparation of the incredible snow blast to be followed by very cold temperatures, Kelly asked Dean, “Does that mean you and I are having another night in bed together?”

After appearing stunned at the question, Dean was inaudible in her response at first, but then she made a non-weather prediction which was to say the she and Kelly were going to be on YouTube in a few minutes. And Dean was correct. The clip is heading on its path to being viral.

In short order, the two broadcasters laughed about the comment, and Kelly took it upon herself to explain her joke – thank goodness. She said that she and Dean had spent a night together in a hotel room during Hurricane Sandy. Dean reinforced the explanation by saying, “I’m happy to say you’re the only female I’ve ever shared a bed with.

Perhaps feeling a need to further explain the innocence of the sleep-over, Kelly said that she and Dean are godmothers to one another’s children. Kelly concluded the incident by stating, “It’s not like that.”

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