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Megyn Kelly highlights DOJ corruption to NAACP President

In a stunning interview with Cornell William Brooks, the new president and CEO of the NAACP, Megyn Kelly turned the tables on the NAACP by highlighting the corruption within the Justice Department. Here's the transcript of Ms. Kelly's statement on the subject:

MEGYN KELLY: Are you aware, Sir, that Eric Holder's Justice Department has had trouble on the other side in its prosecution of law enforcement officers? In particular, there was a case just in October, 2013, where a federal judge in Louisiana had to order a new trial for 5 cops who were convicted by Eric Holder's DOJ, because the Justice Department under Mr. Holder found, and this is from the judge, that they engaged in skullduggery, which is basically fraud and perfidy, which means lying, by the DOJ prosecutors.

Here's Mr. Brooks' stated goal:

BROOKS: Our focus needs to be laser-like on seeking justice on behalf of Michael Brown and his family.

These statements came up in the context of whether the current prosecutor should recuse himself from the case. The NAACP's position is that the prosecutor hasn't done a good job of prosecuting police who've overstepped their authority.

The truth is that the Holder Justice Department has had cases thrown out because DOJ lawyers have been caught, in a federal judge's finding of facts, of telling lies and committing fraud.

The problem isn't with the Ferguson prosecutor. It's that Eric Holder's Justice Department is corrupt to the point that a federal judge threw out a case because DOJ prosecutors told lies and committed fraud.

Turning the Ferguson case to the Justice Department is like turning bank security to Bonnie & Clyde or turning over airport security over to Khalid Sheikh Muhammad.

Finally, the NAACP would be taken more seriously if they actually criticized so-called civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton. If they criticized hustlers like Sharpton, they'd stand a chance of being seen as fair-minded arbiters of civil rights, rather than being seen as protecting the Al Sharptons of the world.

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