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Meggings: Leggings for men become the latest fashion trend

Meggings become the new fashion trend.
Meggings become the new fashion trend.
Photo by Meggings Man Clothing

Meggings are the new latest fashion trend for men, according to a Jan. 17 report by Interesting Chicago. This take on the classic leggings is already gaining ground in the fashion industry.

Meggings have been around longer than you think. Several male celebrities were seen wearing these types of leggings in public two years ago. GQ also featured these pants and called them a fashion "don't".

Chicago company, Meggings Man Clothing, hopes to make the trend a must-have. The online company wants to make the pants mainstream. They will hope men across American will include these pants in their wardrobe.

Meggings are also known as "mantyhose" or "brosiery". They are basically tights that you can wear on a cold day. They're less constricting and more comfortable than long underwear, so the company claims.

Most men wouldn't be caught dead wearing these pants in public. Their friends and relatives would probably laugh at them. Other women would probably laugh and close the door on them.

It'll be interesting to see if Meggings Man Clothing can make a mark on the fashion industry. They want men to "man up" and take the pants from their bedroom to the mall or coffee shop.

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