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Megan Pettine: Daughter of new Browns head coach learned Twitter lesson

The daughter of the new head coach of the Browns has learned her lesson.
The daughter of the new head coach of the Browns has learned her lesson.

Mike Pettine was just announced as the head head coach of the Cleveland Browns, but it took less than a day for the focus to shift off of him. It actually landed on his daughter, Megan Pettine, for a post she made on Twitter which looked badly at the Browns. ESPN reported on Jan. 24, 2014, that the new Browns head coach says his daughter has already learned her lesson.

When the former Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator was called in for a second interview with the Browns, it was kind of expected that he would get the job. Megan Pettine took to Twitter to show her severe lack of excitement.

"@stunnamcdunna19 possibility, he said the interview went well and he's going back for a second! Its the browns.. But hey, still pretty cool!"

The tweet and Megan Pettine's entire Twitter account quickly disappeared, but now before a screenshot was made and the tweet went viral. It was even shown multiple times on "SportsCenter."

Mike Pettine has said that his daughter is regretful for the tweet she posted, and he explained why she said the things she said.

When Megan Pettine was younger, Mike was an assistant coach with the Baltimore Ravens, a rival of the Browns in the AFC South. He said that "she was trained to not be a Browns fan" when she was younger and that she's "learned a very valuable lesson in the power of social media."

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