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Megan Pettine: Brown's new coach explains his daughter’s unexcited tweet

Twitter / ESPN
Twitter / ESPN
While Mike Pettine was busy accepting the head coaching position with the Cleveland Browns, his daughter was busy tweeting out the news, though she was not too enthused.

Megan Pettine is not a household name. She became one pretty fast, at least in the Cleveland area, after she tweeted out a rather apathetic response to the possibility of her dad being named the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

“She learned a very valuable lesson in the power of social media,” Mike Pettine said, according to on Friday.

On Jan. 16, the 19-year-old tweeted out that her father, the former Defensive Coordinator of the Buffalo Bills, was going back for a second interview with the Browns.

Then she added, rather indifferently:

It’s the Browns… but hey, still pretty cool!

Cleveland fans can’t be that upset. Much like their small city counterpart from across Lake Erie, the Browns have been mired in losing seasons and playoff futility. And Megan grew up in Baltimore, where Pettine was a Ravens assistant coach. According to Mike, that’s where his daughter “was trained to not be a Browns fan.”

Megan later deleted the tweet and her account, but as myriads of sports stars and celebrities have learned, the damage was quickly done. Her tweet went viral and was all over ESPN's SportsCenter.

"She was mortified," the new Cleveland Browns coach said. "Called me hysterically crying one day after it happened."

So go easy on her, Cleveland fans.

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