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Megan Huntsman: Utah mother admits to killing 6 of her 7 babies over 10 years

Megan Huntsman, the Utah mother who was arrested after seven bodies of newborn babies were found stuffed into cardboard boxes inside a garage, has confessed to killing all but one of those babies. Seven dead babies were discovered in the garage of her family home, a home she lived in up until a few years ago. Huntsman gave birth to those babies over a 10 year period from 1996 and 2006, according to Fox News on April 14.

Megan Huntsman confesses to killing her newborn babies after police find the 7 bodies in cardboard boxes in a garage.
Pleasant Grove Police Department

She told police that she gave birth to the babies and she strangled or suffocated all but one of the newborns immediately after they were born. The seven babies were put into cardboard boxes after either being wrapped in a towel or shirt and then put in a plastic bag. It was Huntsman’s ex-husband who was cleaning the garage when he opened a cardboard box and the stench was horrendous. Upon carefully looking through the contents he discovered a baby’s body.

Once discovering the body, Darren West, Huntsman’s ex-husband, called the police. The police obtained a search warrant and found the other six remains of dead newborns. Each were in their own cardboard box and each set of remains were about the size that suggested that they were born full-term, police report.

Huntsman’s ex-husband was cleaning out the garage after recently getting out of prison and planning to move into the home this summer. Huntsman and West’s three older daughters live in the house, it is not known were Huntsman was living. While police believe West is the biological father of all these babies, they do not believe he was aware that she was pregnant with these seven children throughout the decade.

They do believe that Huntsman and West were together when she had these babies, but again they believe he really had no idea she was pregnant. The police report a DNA test will be done on the deceased babies to get the official paternity. Huntsman was charged in the death of six of the children as one of the babies was a stillborn birth.

Her bail is set at $1 million for each child by State Judge Steven Hansen in court Monday morning. This gruesome tragedy brings up the question of how was this woman pregnant, not once, but seven times and not one living soul had an inkling that she was carrying a child. How did the three grown children not discover the bodies in the garage? These are the questions that are swirling around today after this shocking crime was reported.

West’s family has issued a statement about the morbid find over the weekend. They convey that they are in a state of “shock and confusion.” According to court records, West was just out of prison stemming from a 2005 arrest for possessing chemicals used in manufacturing methamphetamine. In August 2006, he was sentenced to nine years in prison. It is unclear why he is out earlier than his sentence dictated.

Shocked neighbors recount Huntsman’s days at the house, according to the Washington Post today, saying she moved a few years back. She was thought of as a good neighbor, even babysitting some of the neighbor’s grandchildren from time to time. They do recall her gaining and losing weight periodically and now in hindsight they realize what that was from, her seven secret pregnancies.

One neighbor said he was talking to West on Saturday morning, who said he was cleaning out the garage. The neighbor said just two hours later he looks outside and saw police vehicles all over the street. The local police have found this case “emotionally draining,” as this is a morbid tragedy and a crime you don’t come across often. Police Capt. Michael Roberts reports that the officers “got more and more shocked with each box they opened.”

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