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Megan Huntsman in court: Admits killing 6 of 7 dead babies found, motive known

Megan Huntsman was in court Monday facing charges in the deaths of six out of the seven dead newborn babies found stuffed in boxes in her garage. The seventh infant's body discovered was stillborn. She had done this over the course of a decade.

Megan Huntsman in court to face charges of killing six of her newborn babies over the course of a decade.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

After killing the infants she then stuffed their tiny bodies in separate cardboard boxes, storing them in her garage. She has already admitted giving birth to seven babies, six of them being live births. She has confessed to strangling or suffocating the six babies who were born alive, according to MSN News on April 21.

The Utah mother was in baggy prison garb with her hands and ankles in shackles when she came before the court on Monday. The prosecutors still need a few more weeks to sort through the evidence to make sure they have all the charges in place.

The two weeks prosecutors asked for was protested by Huntsman’s attorney, so the judge settled on one week continuance in this case. The Toronto Sun reports that Huntsman, 39, was ordered by the judge to return to court in one week to face charges in the deaths of six of the dead infants.

The babies’ autopsies were completed last week and Pleasant Grove Police Detective Dan Beckstrom said that the authorities are waiting for the results before going forward. Once the autopsies are back they will be ready to file the charges. Beckstrom also said that there’s a lot more work to be done on the autopsies before this happens.

DNA tests were done to prove who the parents are of these babies, as well as the sex of the infants. These tests may not be returned for months, according to authorities. Meanwhile, Huntsman remains in jail on $6 million bond, which was $1 million for each of the dead infants she had admitted to killing. This serial killing spree of her own newborn babies went on between 1996 and 2006.

Utah Count Attorney Jeff Buhman said that the authorities still have questions. He said:

“We want to make sure we don’t file erroneously. The closer we can get to the truth of what happened, the better decisions we can make."

Huntsman was arrested after her ex-husband was cleaning out the garage at the family’s home and he came across a cardboard box that smelled horrendous. When he opened it he knew it was the body of an infant and he called police. The authorities conducted a search and found six other bodies of newborns, all in separate cardboard boxes.

Huntsman, who hadn’t lived at the home in a few years, was arrested for the death of the infants after she confessed to giving birth to six of the infants and then killing the babies by either strangulation or suffocation.

Her ex-husband, Darren West, is believed to be the father of these infants, but police believe he had no idea that his wife at the time was pregnant. She gave birth seven times at her home just south of Salt Lake City. No one knew she was pregnant or that she had given birth, Huntsman never told anyone.

Huntsman and West’s three older daughters were living in the home when the bodies of the babies were discovered. It was not clear where Huntsman had been living. Authorities believe that they now know Huntsman’s motive for killing the babies, but they are not willing to share that information at this time.

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