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Megan Fox no makeup selfie: Actress joins Instagram with new pic

Megan Fox
Megan Fox Instagram

Megan Fox started out her Instagram page by showing off a no makeup selfie. On Thursday, US Magazine shared about her new photo that shows it all off. She looks gorgeous with or without makeup and this movie actress is showing off her flawless face. That is a great way to start off her Instagram account.

In this photo, she is wearing what looks like a white robe. Her hair is hanging down and it looks like the way that she has started her day. She said, "First IG selfie. Early morning no makeup." Brian Austin Green is one lucky man to get to wake up to that every single day because she looks nothing short of amazing. Fans are excited to see that she is willing to show off her face with no makeup.

Some actresses don't have the nerve to share this kind of thing at all. Once in a while they do it for a cause but Megan Fox did it just to show that she is not afraid of what she looks like even if it is first thing in the morning. Megan Fox looks great and she is impressing everyone with this look. Fans can't wait to see what else she will decide to share with them in the future on her page.

You can check her out on Instagram. Her real handle is the_native_tiger. If you find another Megan Fox that has been on Instagram for over a year that is not her and is actually a fake profile. She has posted a few random things on her page since then but nothing fans are reacting to like the makeup free selfie that Megan Fox shared on the very first day she opened her account. Make sure you follow her to see what else she posts.

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