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Megan Fox is banned worldwide for 1 day & the disaster of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"


Actress Megan Fox poses next to a poster for her new film "Jonah Hex" at the
Comic-Con International 2009 convention held in San Diego Friday,
July 24, 2009. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

Rating 2 out of 5.

The following are two stories in one.  Simply because they were short reports that I decided needed each other.  It may also be argued that Megan Fox needed Transformers and to a degree vise-versa.

For those of you interested in seeing Transformers over and over again because of Megan Fox the next bit of information might be very important for you.  It seems that there are a lot of people that have noticed that Megan Fox has been getting a lot of attention.  A solution was found and will be executed next month.  For it has been decided that August 4th will be "No Megan Fox Day". 

While I agree with this move, I also must say that I do not agree with this.  Yes, it baffles me that Megan Fox is so popular when she is a decent actor, but there are others that are more attractive than her.  The solution of having a "No Megan Fox Day" is a good concept, but doesn't having a day like this just generate more attention to the focus of the day?  It just does not make sense, also where do we go from here?  Will there be others who get their own "No 'Over-Exposed-Celebrity Day"?  Will this day be an annual event?  Will this be observed by banks and post offices or will Megan Fox be the only one that has the day off?  

Well there you go, focusing on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  This film is based off the 80's television cartoon and a sequel to Transformers.  In this film Sam continues his struggle to live a normal life with unbelievably stupid parents and an incredibly hot girl friend (the movie world, you gotta love it).  Mega-tron returns and seeks revenge on the Transformers for almost killing him.

This film was horrible, it was much longer than it needed to be and I felt that the film really didn't begin until they reach Egypt, which is the last 3rd of the film.  A friend of mine pointed out that if the robots are always getting beaten up, then why is it that when they transform to their vehicle form they are in mint condition with no scratches, this is definitely food for thought.  Another issue I had was that robots are not supposed to have male anatomy. 

The scenes were longer than they needed to be and a certain decepticon had an interesting form they could transform into.  Which begs the question, if they could transform into this, then why do they not transform into something with real power?  The storyline was predictable and thinking back on it, most of the adults were portrayed as stupid people that were just there to try and generate a laugh. 

While this film continues to make money, I'm astounded that people really liked this film.  I honestly do not think I could ever seen this film again and I will certainly never purchase a home copy of it.  In fact if I ever got a copy of it, I'd probably sell it or return it for a better film.

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  • karthik 5 years ago

    dude, lets accept that this film is a based fiction with lot of fantasized metallic super advanced robots. if they could generate enough power for their Ammo and mobility then reforming into scratch less condition vehicle is not a big deal.
    and having male anatomy is part of making them feel realistic and credible. I need not remind but, Male is shown as powerful and much stronger than female. so they were needed to be shown in male anatomy i suppose.

  • adelson 5 years ago

    essa é a garota mais sex do mundo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!