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Megan Fox credits Paleo low carb diet and apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Get Megan Fox's weight loss tips.
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Protein, fruits and vegetables may sound boring, but Megan Fox credits that Paleo low carb combination for her recent weight loss. However, she admitted that she longs for bread occasionally, reported OK magazine on August 12.

Megan's baby Bodhi was born six months ago. She vowed to lose her post-pregnancy pounds quickly with a Paleo-style low carb diet.

"I don’t eat bread anymore, and I cry at night because of it," Megan confessed. "I'm just eating a lot of proteins, fruits and vegetables."

However, she does feel that her Paleo diet has benefits. It "actually makes you more efficient as a mother. You’re able to expend more energy without being exhausted," she added.

And with that energy, celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak spares her no mercy in the gym. "She has really adopted this great consistency and this great approach to working out," he told Us Weekly on August 12.

Harley takes Megan through resistance training circuits three or more times a week. "[We're] really focusing on the muscles behind her body and to draw her posture back," he explained. "So we got strength in her upper back with back rows, dumbbell rows, and the lower back with the Superman [stretch] for lower back."

As for cardio, Megan uses the Helix Lateral Trainer to boost her weight loss. "Look at her now," says Harley proudly. "She looks as good as she’s ever looked if not better."

Harley also revealed some examples from Megan's diet. "In the morning she’ll do a smoothie or an egg white omelet with some avocado as healthy fats. And she’ll have hummus and cut veggies as a snack and a salad with grilled chicken for lunch."

Hoping for an additional secret to slimming down? Both Megan and Miranda Kerr feel that apple cider vinegar helps, reported E News on August 13.

"It just cleanses out your system entirely," claimed Megan. But you don't have to just gulp it down plain.

Miranda uses it for salad dressing. She creates "a big salad with finely chopped fennel, cucumber, feta cheese, baby spinach, avocado…and a dressing of macadamia oil, apple cider vinegar and Bragg's amino acids."

Is it fact or fiction about apple cider vinegar for weight loss? Only one study has been performed to test the concept, according to WebMD.

Performed in Japan, the study compared 175 obese people who consumed either vinegar or water for 12 weeks. The group who consumed vinegar lost one to two pounds.

However, after they stopped drinking the vinegar, they regained the weight. The researchers theorized that vinegar might help break down fats.

The benefits, however, are minimal, said Chicago dietitian Debbie Davis, RD. "It may have some benefits in terms of weight loss and weight management, but it is definitely not a quick fix," she added.

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