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Megaman Powered Up

Game: Megaman Powered Up

Console: Playstation Portable

Developer/Publisher: Capcom

Genre: Action/Adventure

Number of players: 1

Rated: Everyone for Cartoon Violence

The premise: The past becomes the present in this update of Megaman from the Nintendo Entertainment System. Relive the first appearance of Dr. Wily and the character to be known later as the Blue Bomber. This game features updates: different style graphics, design your own level, and voice acting with new dialogue between characters.

Gameplay: Like Megaman Maverick Hunter X, this game gives the appearance that you are playing it in 3-D. Megaman Powered Up is still a 2-D side scrolling action game. You defeat the different bosses and you get their powers. You have the ability to choose which boss and in which order.

The good/bad:
Good: It seems as though games with level design are few and far between. Not only do you have online content to download but there are level design pieces hidden in the levels. The level design tools are very easy to use and you will have yourself uploading your level masterpieces via Wi-Fi in no time.

Bad: I have always thought of Megaman as being one of the more teen themed games. The creators have decided to redesign the whole game as looking childlike. It gives the illusion that everybody is still in grade school.

Good: You can play the game again with two other versions of Megaman, seven versions
of Roll and all the Boss characters.

Bad: Like Megaman Maverick Hunter X, it was only released for the PSP.

Try the game out on easy mode to get a feel for it. Despite the game’s childlike appearance on harder settings, it is actually quite difficult.

Knowing the boss order makes the game that much easier. You can figure this out by trial and error or go to Gamefaqs and read their FAQs section for the game.

Use only your buster on the bosses. You will not destroy the bosses and yet you are still able to select them when you replay the game.

My take: It is the same as what I have said for Megaman Maverick Hunter X. I feel that great remakes are few and far between. This game gives you something to come back to and is worth playing. If you are returning or playing Megaman for the first time, you will be satisfied. This game includes the game in both the original game graphics and the updated “chibi” graphics. I feel that the Megaman Anniversary Collection should have included this game in their lineup. While the creators chose to go with a Japanese “chibi” art style, you get used to it very fast. Since the game is so good you may have a hard time finding it in the stores. I would suggest renting it from Gamefly since the PSP has a memory card system and when you do find it in a store you will be able to retain your data.

My score: 5 out of 5

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