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Megalodon shark found in 'Battlefield 4' game: Video shows how to find shark

A Megalodon shark discovered in "Battlefield 4" isn’t the easiest creature to beckon, but one very astute gamer has posted a video to show you just how to get the beast to emerge from the deep. News of the Megalodon shark has gone viral to the point that you might think it was discovered in the real-life oceans of the world.

Megalodon Shark in Batttlefield 4: Video on how to find it goes viral.
YouTube screen shot

According to The Inquisitr on April 5, stirring up the Megalodon shark out of its place in the deep is going to take some patients, along with 10 friends on this hunt. Once you’ve conjured up this creature you will agree that the effort is more than worth it as it appears in all its prehistoric grandeur.

This gigantic prehistoric visitor is found in the "Battlefield 4" game somewhere in region of the new Naval Strike DLC pack. You need to approach a specific buoy near the map’s main island and then it’s a waiting game for the monster to emerge from another world deep below the ocean.

When the Megalodon emerges from the bowels of the ocean, it wipes out two squads of battlefield soldiers with its belly flop into the topside world. This is one fishing expedition that is guaranteed to leave the gamers with a jaw dropping reaction when the Megalodon comes back to life from the days when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Check out the video above posted by Youtube user Jackfrags. The video demonstrates how to achieve success finding the Megalodon.

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