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Megahouse One Piece Kuja Pirates Bank

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The next step in our trip through strange merchandise from the One Piece franchise is this Pirate ship coin bank from Megahouse. These are actually strange but fun little playsets, which come with a multi-part (if super deformed) ship, and a few figures from the associated pirate band. In this case, we have the serpentine ship of Boa Hancock and the Kuja pirates.

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The ship is simply stunning, when looked at from a certain perspective. The masts attach separately. The coin top notch and battery hatch style coin release on the back are functional, yet unobtrusive. The detail is great. The paint is very good, if not perfect (the snakes could do with more defined slits in their eyes, but it's not a big deal). Curiously, it looks like the snakes are separate pieces from the ship, and have their bodies slotted in the bottom hull. The necks are affixed to the ship via the brown 'leashes.' I didn't want to go to the trouble, but it looks like the snakes can be 'freed,' if one were so inclined, by sliding the leash up enough for the tails to slip out of the bottom of the ship. Again, I don't know why you would want to do that, but the possibility exists.

Also included in the set, of course, are Boa Hancock and her sisters. Sadly, the minifigures, while sculpted nicely, are not painted to a standard to live up to the ship. The paint is splotchy, uneven, and incomplete. Also, while the sculpting is fine, in general, the figures seem to have warped stands (which are too small to boot), making them annoyingly difficult to stand. Nevertheless, beggars cannot be choosers, and it seems Boa Hancock fans are perennially beggars.

Final Verdict? This is's a neat set, but it definitely has its flaws. Get it if you love the ship, or you simply have to have every version of Boa out there. If both are true, this might be your type of set.