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Most comprehensive list of UFO sightings in Studio City skies

It’s not a publicity stunt, even though the online haters are saying so, but past Megadeth percussionist Nick Menza witnessed a UFO flying over his home last week in Studio City, Calif.

The sighting around Burbank Airport.
The sighting around Burbank Airport.
Nick Menza posts a video of a UFO he saw in front of his house.
Nick Menza website

It’s one of many, many sightings in the Studio City area, (which I personally have compiled over the past three years), and Nick isn’t the first celeb to see it either.

Not only has Ronald and Nancy Reagan claimed to see a UFO in the hills about Mulholland Drive, but more recently Demi Lovato told paparazzi that she saw something strange in the skies over her house in Studio City.

Lovato wrote on Twitter the second time she saw something in the skies, and she used her sister to back her up:

@ddlovato: SWEAR TO GOD JUST SAW ANOTHER UFO w/ 10 OTHER WITNESSES!!!!! What is going on?!!! #scared Did anyone else see that?!!!

@ddlovato: And YES really ANOTHER UFO!!!! Ask @dallaslovato it was crazy… But it stayed in the sky for like 3 mins.

Steve Murillo, who has investigated such local sightings, and heads UPARS (the UFO, Paranormal and Research Society) which meets monthly in Studio City, said that many sightings are explained as drones, Chinese lanterns floating in the sky and remote controlled model planes.

The most recent sighting was posted by the Megadeth star on July 22 after he and three other witnesses saw the strange light in the sky. You can hear his son commenting on it.

“We lost site of it as it went through the clouds, it was distant, dimly lit and hardly moving. If it wasn’t for the fact that we went out to look at the big moon, we probably would not have noticed it. The Samsung Galaxy 4 phone camera was on full zoom, hence the shakiness even after stabilization.”

He captured what he describes as the “awesome” sighting from his front yard on July 16 and posted it on the 22nd. It was triangular with yellow and white glowing tips.

After getting a slew of accusations that this was a hoax, as publicity for his upcoming book co-written by Marshall Craig, Nick posted: “Some people claim what I saw was fake and a act to create a publicity stunt to gain hype around my book release, that's not the case. my book is complete and it wont be released until some time next year, I have nothing to gain from this. My book is about me and my life. It includes all kinds of stuff, from my childhood up until just as of recently.”

Menza, who celebrated his 50th birthday on July 22, is inviting people to post what they think it is.

“I know what I think it was,” Nick says.

List of UFO sightings

And here are compelling videos:

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and then, the latest . . . what do you think?

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