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Megacon 2014: Stars, costumes and geek heaven (photos)

Megacon 2014
Megacon 2014
Larraine Stacey

This weekend the largest sci-fi, comic convention in the Southeast invaded the Orlando Convention Center – and it rocked. This year’s Megacon broke the records for fan attendance, which actually became a problem at several points of the convention. Attendance projections were 75,000, which were met and exceeded. It was even stated on stage that the convention had almost reached as many in attendance as San Diego’s Comic Con, which is the grand convention for fans.

The Walking Dead panel at Megacon 2014
Larraine Stacey

There were a lot of first time con fans that just weren’t prepared for the lines and crowds of a sci-fi convention. They were grumpy and vocal, but they weren’t alone. I even found it hard to get photos because of the crowds. I’d spot great cosplayers, but couldn’t even get close to them because of the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. This was a two-sided coin. Great for the convention hosts, but kinda tough on the fans.

The big problem seemed to be not enough room to spread out the fans. I’m sure the convention hosts have realized this now and will correct this for next year’s convention. I think it caught everyone off guard. Traffic was a disaster and parking was tough. It just shows how many die-hard fans there really are, and new ones still coming. This is good. Being a nerd is fun.

This year’s Megacon was most likely flooded with fans because of the awesome guest lineup. First of all, comic book legend Stan Lee was there. Then there were stars from the hit series “The Walking Dead,” “Torchwood,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Smallville,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Star Wars,” “Star Trek” and many more favorites. Along with the impressive list of celebrities were the best comic book creators and artists around.

Hall costumes were all I could get pictures of because the costume contest room was too small for the humongous line that formed hours in advance, and I couldn’t even get close. Hope this, too, is corrected for next year’s convention.

But, all in all, it was still a great time with fellow sci-fi fanatics and will be a con to be remembered. Geeks know how to have fun.