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Megachurch thieves net mega money from Joel Osteen's church safe: $600,000 take

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Megachurch thieves got away with Pastor Joel Osteen’s church’s mega money in cash and checks sometime between Sunday afternoon and early Monday morning. The thieves netted over $600,000 from a church that has one of the biggest congregations in the country, according to ABC News on March 11.

A church employee and an off-duty sheriff’s deputy, who provides security to the church, were the folks who reported the theft on Monday morning. Along with about $200,000 in cash and $400,000 in checks, some envelopes with credit card information were also among the heist.

The money was stolen from a safe at the Houston church and according to a church spokesperson, the money is fully insured. People were encourage to keep track of their accounts if they’ve made a contribution by check in the last week and report any suspicious activity.

This doesn’t include the people who gave online, made a bookstore purchase, or put their offering in the drop box. The church sees more than 40,000 people attend Olsten’s services each week, which is televised in almost 100 countries.

No arrests have been made in this heist and it is not known if they have any suspects in mind. Very little details are offered about how the thieves gained entry or even if it was actually a break-in or an inside job.

That is a lot of money, this is nothing like the "poor box" that folks would slip money into decades ago. This is also nothing like the money seen at the majority of the churches that pass their basket around each Sunday for donations. $600,000 in one week sounds like a good week of donations for sure!