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Mega Swampert and Mega Sceptile revealed

The newest Mega Evolutions for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
The newest Mega Evolutions for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Japanese magazine CoroCoro has been released and in it fans were given the first look at the new Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games, as well as some fresh Mega Evolutions.

The first Mega Evolution featured is Sceptile, the final form of the Hoenn Grass starter Treeko. Sceptile is getting the biggest change, as it will have Dragon added to its type in addition to Grass. It will also have the ability Lighting Rod.

Design wise, Mega Sceptile looks much sleeker than its normal form. Whereas regular Sceptile had a bushy, heavy looking tail, the new form has a much slender and pointed appendage. Mega Sceptile looks much more like its earlier forms than the actual final evolution of the Treeko line.

Mega Swampert on the other hand doesn't change too drastically as it retains its Water/Ground typing. The final evolution of Water starter Mudkip does however gain the ability Swift Swim.

As for the design of Mega Swampert, it is certainly a bulky looking Pokemon. While Swampert was always pretty large, this version seems much more powerful and ready to battle, which of course is what you would expect out of a Mega Evolution.

One thing these new Mega Evolutions also show is that the Pokemon franchise will keep the Mega Evolution feature. There was some doubt that it would move onto future games, as Pokemon does tend to remove new features quite often. It is also pretty safe to assume we will see more Mega Evolutions as we get closer to the release of the games.

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