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Mega Millions winner: Delivery driver forgets about tickets, wins jackpot

A northern California man named Steve Tran was going about his business after the Mega Millions lottery drawing last month, not even thinking for a second that he was a winner -- but he was. Tran purchased some lottery tickets and placed them on a dresser at home and went about his day-to-day life, like most people who purchase lottery tickets.

Tran watched the news and learned that there were two big winners. One woman had come forward and the second winner did not. He didn't pay much attention until the lottery released the location where the winning ticket was purchased. Evidently that stuck in his mind and around 3 a.m. the next day, he woke from a dead sleep and checked his tickets -- he had purchased some quick picks along his truck route -- and one was at the store mentioned on the news.

And guess what? Steve Tran was the second winner in the huge drawing. He was $324 million richer (before taxes).

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