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Mega Metagross revealed in CoroCoro

Mega Metagross will be the signature Pokemon of Steven Stone
Mega Metagross will be the signature Pokemon of Steven Stone

The monthly Japanese magazine CoroCoro leaked earlier today and with it came the news that Metagross will be getting a Mega Evolution in the upcoming Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games.

Metagross was one of the most popular Pokemon to come out of the Generation III games so it is no shock that it will be receiving a Mega form. It was originally the signature Pokemon of Steven Stone, the champion of Ruby and Sapphire, and it appears that it will retain this role in the remakes.

Its appearance definitely takes on a drastic change. The normally silver X across its face is now colored gold. Its four legs also no longer are planted firmly into the ground, as it appears to take on a much more aggressive stance.

Mega Metagross will have the ability Tough Claws which boosts the power of contact moves by 33%. Considering the new Metagross has its claws sharply pointed outward, this new ability seems to fit right in with the Mega form. It will also retain its typing of Steel and Psychic, which makes sense since Steven is a Steel-type specialist.

According to Serebii, the scan also mentions that there will be different Pokemon in Hoenn than before, indicating that Pokemon from newer generations will be available. This could also hint at even more new Mega Evolutions being unveiled.

The hype for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire seems to be steadily building up. Earlier this week we were shown that Secret Bases will be making a return, much to the pleasure of fans. Stay tuned right here for more information on the games as they approach their November release.

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